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Elevating the Beat: Dr. Fresch's Signature Sound and Vision

In a dance music landscape that thrives on the constant evolution of sound, Dr. Fresch has distinguished himself with a unique blend of house, hip-hop, and midtempo beats. His music isn't just heard; it's felt—a pulsating, energetic rush that has captivated fans worldwide. As the mastermind behind House Call Records, Dr. Fresch has also become a pivotal figure in shaping the future of house music. Through an unfiltered Q&A, Dr. Fresch shares insights into his creative philosophy, the genesis of House Call Records, and the journey that has led him to where he is today.

A Unique Fusion: Q&A with Dr. Fresch

Q: Since launching the Dr. Fresch brand, you've developed a signature sound that blends elements of house, hip-hop, and midtempo. What has been your guiding philosophy in merging these genres, and how do you maintain a fresh approach in your productions?

A: "My philosophy in developing the Dr. Fresch sound was to find a recipe of my favorite genres that fit into the dance music world; a concoction of West Coast Hip Hop, blog house, and nu-metal. My process of maintaining, updating, and maturing that brand is to find natural additions to the melting pot from my peers; I want my music to be timeless so I aim to only update my production process with instrumentation and FX that I believe will work decades from now. I also progress my sound through my DJ sets - by listening to my audience and finding some nexus between what I love and they love, the story naturally tells itself. That balance of staying true to the sound I worked so hard to find and cherry-picking my favorite things about music at the moment is it! It's gotta still sound like me and it's gotta be fresh!"

Q: House Call Records represents a significant extension of your brand into the music industry. What inspired you to start your own label, and how do you envision its role in shaping the future of house music?

A: "I've been a label head longer than I've been Dr. Fresch, so it's part of my core mission as Dr. Fresch. I was raised in California and spent my formative years as a resident DJ for Dim Mak and others in Hollywood in the late 2000s and early 2010s. I became passionate about electronic music production through blogs and labels like Dim Mak, Fool's Gold, Mad Decent, etc., so the label culture associated with that world inspired me to not only become an electronic music producer but also build a world of like-minded artists around me. In 2012 I started a label with my managers called Prep School Recordings and signed debut EPs from Louis The Child, SNBRN, Illenium, and more. Ultimately it was my experience working with all of these different artists on Prep School that helped me hone in on the Dr. Fresch sound, then leading me to launch House Call Records. I believe that House Call's growth (alongside not only my career but also the careers of all the artists on the label) is what will help shape the future of bass house music. Orlando Medina (House Call President) and I have been working together for several years and believe our joint A&R process and dedication to our eclectic sound is what will preserve the integrity of the label, and in turn, add to the dance music world in the most authentic way. The goal is to keep our motives pure and only sign real shit!!!"

Q: Your rise to prominence was kickstarted by winning Insomniac’s Discovery Project Contest. Looking back, how do you feel this experience has shaped your career trajectory and approach to music?

A: "Insomniac and the Discovery Project have played a huge role in my career! I had played several hundred gigs in LA and toured a bit as both Tony Fresch and Dr. Fresch by this point, but The Discovery Project 2013 was undoubtedly the moment that so many of the promoters I had played for and artists I had played alongside realized I wasn't playing games!! Insomniac's continued support helped cultivate my SoCal audience. The experience of playing Discovery Project and continuing on to DJ at larger stages helped give me the confidence to take risks in the studio and on stage; to be myself with my sound, and my goofy ass dance moves, haha."

Q: Collaboration has played a key role in your music, allowing for the exploration of new sounds and ideas. Can you share your thoughts on the importance of collaboration in the creative process and any dream collaborations you have in mind?

A: "Collaboration is central to dance music's story! The majority of electronic music producers who DJ will play out others' music as well as their own. Because we're DJing others' music that compliments our own, it only makes sense that we seek to work with other DJ /producers, too. The culture of dance music labels adds to this as well. I wouldn't be the artist I am today without working with other artists like BIJOU, for instance.

On another note, because Hip-Hop is such a large part of the music I make, collaborating with rappers and vocalists that I feel complement my sound has been a part of the mission since day one! To bring it back to my breakdown of the Dr. Fresch sound - bringing Metal and Nu-metal into the equation has been crucial too. Realizing this at the highest level by collaborating with Tom Morello, Kirk Hammett, and Alex Lifeson was an absolute dream come true!! After working with these three, and Andre Nickatina, I realized that the dream was to continue to work with my favorite artists growing up, not just a big name because they're a big name. I want to work with the people whose posters I had on my wall. To add a couple more to the list - working with Disturbed or E-40 would be insane."

Q: With a career that continuously evolves, are there any new directions or projects you're particularly excited about exploring in the near future, and what can fans expect from both Dr. Fresch and House Call Records?

A: "Fans can expect more of what they love and we love on House Call - eclectic and energetic Bass House! I'm honored to bring House Call to a larger stage through Sol Fest and I think our collaboration and other live events is the real next step. It's time for House Call parties worldwide! Last but not least - in the future, I'm hoping to find an even greater meeting point between everything going on in Mid-Tempo Bass, Bass House, and DNB within my production... perhaps the right collab will be the answer to all this... or whatever you make of that :)"

Innovating the Beat: Dr. Fresch's Continued Journey

Through his responses, Dr. Fresch lays bare the ethos that drives his music and label forward: a commitment to innovation, authenticity, and collaboration. His journey from winning Insomniac’s Discovery Project Contest to establishing House Call Records highlights a career built on pushing boundaries and embracing change. As Dr. Fresch continues to explore new horizons and collaborations, the dance music world eagerly anticipates what’s next, knowing that whatever it is, it will certainly be "real shit."


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