When do we get our wristbands?

Wristbands will be shipped to your address prior to the festival.


Do I have to print my ticket?

We recommend that ticket holders screenshot all parking, car camping, and premium accommodation passes in case of poor cell service on the festival grounds.


Do I need to bring an ID to the gate to prove that I am 18 for entry?

Yes, you need to bring a valid state photo id.


I lost my ID, is this the only form of identification you accept at the gate?

Any form of government issued photo ID including your name and date of birth will be accepted.


Can I leave the festival and come back?

Yes, all guests are allowed re-entry into the festival. However, only vehicles parked in the Commuter Parking Lot are allowed to leave and reenter the venue. Vehicles parked in the Car Camping, RV, and Premium Parking lot will not be allowed to reenter the venue once they exit.


When can we arrive to the festival?

Thursday: 1 PM - Midnight (Only available for those with Early Arrival Passes.)

Friday: 10 AM - Midnight

Saturday 10 AM - Midnight

Sunday: 10 AM - Midnight

Monday: All attendees must be off site by noon.


If I can't make it Friday, can I check in and set up on Saturday or Sunday?

Yes you can.


When does the music start?

Main stage programming will be from 12:00PM - 2:00AM each day, and there will be additional late night stages and entertainment around the clock!


Will set times be released at any point before the festival?

Yes, keep an eye out for them the week before the festival!


Is everything within walking distance, even the tent camping area?

Yep - the festival grounds are really beautiful and large but easily walkable from any point.


Is the festival ADA accessible?

We sure are! Check out our ADA info page here or  email info@elementsfest.us for more information.


Are children allowed at Elements?

Just the young at heart! Elements Music & Arts Festival is an 18+ event.  


Am I allowed to bring a pet to the event?

Your furry family members will need to stay at home. The venue has a "no pets allowed" policy. *Service animals with proper paperwork and vests are allowed* Please email info@elementsfest.us with your pets information before arriving at the festival. Please note that animals may NOT be left at the parking lot. If they are found - proper steps will be taken with the local authorities.



What passes do I need for the Festival?

Everyone needs a GA or VIP festival pass which includes one tent camping spot in our campgrounds. Car camping passes, which allow you to camp next to your vehicle, are sold separately. All vehicles must have a Car Camping Pass or other parking option in order to enter the festival. If you plan on joining us for Thursday Early arrival you will need an additional Early Arrival Pass.


Can I upgrade my ticket?

Of course! Please email info@elementsfest.us and we can help you get sorted. 


Will you guys be selling single day passes?

Single day passes will go on sale Thursday, July 21! Scoop yours here

Will single day passes be mailed?

Single day passes are not mailed and will be available for pick up at the box office. Please be sure to have your/the purchasers photo ID and QR code to claim them. 


I purchased a ticket from a friend/ it was gifted to me. Will this be a problem?

No but if you do sell your ticket to another customer, you will need to send them your festival wristband once received by mail.


If I want to sell my ticket even though I'm on a payment plan, am I able to do so?

Yes, though please be aware that the credit card linked to the payment plan cannot be changed.


Is there any way to cancel my order or get a refund?

There are no refunds. We recommend customers who wish to sell their ticket use a platform that works with sellers and buyers to ensure purchased tickets are valid, rather than purchasing tickets directly from a ticket holder. Please be aware that Elements is not affiliated with any third party ticket sale platforms, is not able to recommend platforms, nor will be held liable for issues with tickets that are purchased outside of our official ticketing platforms or directly from another customer. 


If you sell your festival pass to another customer, you will need to send them your festival wristband once received by mail.



Does each person need a camping pass?

Each festival pass includes your camping pass which allots you one spot in our GA or VIP camping grounds. Car camping passes, which allow you to camp next to your vehicle are sold separately.

Does each person need a car camping pass?

Only one pass per vehicle is required. Car camping passes are sold separately.

Where is camping located?

All camping is located on the festival grounds and no more than a 10-15 minute walk to the Main Stages!

Are we able to save camping spots if we arrive before our friends?

Camping spots are assigned on a first come first served basis. We cannot guarantee camping spots. If you are looking to camp with a larger group, please purchase a group camping option.

What’s the difference between GA Camping and VIP Camping?

VIP Camping is located in a premium location, just a short walk from each stage. Only those with VIP wristbands can access the VIP Campgrounds. VIP Camping also includes access to indoor showers & bathrooms.

Do I need a VIP Festival Pass to stay in VIP Camping?

Yes. Only those with a VIP Festival Pass will have access to the VIP camping area. Your VIP Festival Pass includes one spot in our VIP campgrounds.

Are there indoor bathrooms and showers?

Those with VIP Festival Passes and Glamping have unlimited access to showers and flushing toilets. All other attendees can purchase shower tokens on site. There are plenty of porta potties around the event site for all to use.  

Can we have fires or propane grills at our campsites? 

We allow small propane grills in the camp grounds. We do not allow charcoal grills. Note that no grills or open flame will be permitted in the main stage areas.

Is power provided to tents?

Power is not provided, generators are not allowed.



Does each person in the car need a parking pass?

No. Only one pass per vehicle is required. All vehicles entering the festival grounds must have a car camping or parking pass.

Where is the commuter parking lot?

The commuter parking lot, accessible to those who have purchased a Commuter Parking Pass, is located near the festival entrance. Those with this pass have in and out privileges with their vehicle for the duration of the festival.

Where is the premium accommodations parking lot?

The premium accommodations parking lot, accessible for only those who have purchased a Premium Accommodation, is located near our premium accommodations. Ideal for those who purchase Glamping, Preset Tent, and Preset RV options. This lot is a 5 minute walk from the premium accommodation areas. Please note that you will not be able to park directly next to your specific accommodation.

Do you have buses or shuttles available?

We will have shuttle options running to and from NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, and D.C. to the festival. These are waitlist tickets. Once we have enough signups a bus will be confirmed!

Are the shuttle passes good for one way or round trip?

Each shuttle pass is for one way.

What is the best airport for people to fly into to get to the fest?

Newark has the most direct flights and is 1.5 hours away. Scranton is 40 mins, but usually has an extra layover.



Can we bring in outside food?

For sure,  we will have plenty of food vendors available on site but encourage attendees to bring all the snacks they will need to get them through the weekend to their camp. Please note outside food will not be permitted inside the venue area.  

Can we bring in alcohol? 

Yes, 1 pack of beer OR box of wine per person. Glass containers and hard liquor are not permitted.


Will you have Vegan/ Vegetarian or Gluten Free options for food?

We will have a 24-hour food court with an array of healthy & organic local food, including vegan & gluten free options, but if you have certain dietary restrictions we suggest you plan accordingly just in case!



Prohibited Items for Venue

  • NO Instruments

  • NO Knives / Weapons Etc. Regardless of Permit

  • NO Chains / Chain Wallets

  • No studded Jewelry

  • NO Fireworks / Explosives

  • NO Outside Food & Beverages

  • NO Bota Bags

  • NO Lawn Chairs or Chairs

  • NO Tents

  • NO Flags/Signs/Large Obstructive Material

  • NO Video Cameras (Large) Professional Recording Devices

  • NO Audio Recording Devices

  • NO Professional Cameras

  • NO Stuffed Animals

  • NO Pets (Service Dogs Accepted)

  • NO Drugs/Drug Paraphernalia

  • NO Umbrellas

  • NO Glass Containers

  • NO Water Guns

  • NO Bikes/Skate Boards

  • NO Laser Pointers

  • NO Sharpies/Markers/Spray Paint/Glow Sticks

  • NO Coolers

  • NO Balloons, Balls, Inflatables

  • NO Unauthorized/Unlicensed Vendors

  • NO Unauthorized Solicitations, Handbills, Sampling, Give-Aways, Etc.

  • NO Disposable Containers

  • NO Glass Containers of Any Kind

  • NO Sticks, Bats or Clubs Including Signs (or anything that could be deemed as being a weapon)

  • NO Drones

  • NO Large backpacks/bags. Bags and camelbacks with 2 or less pockets are permitted

Prohibited Items for Camping

● NO Glass of any kind

● NO Paint of any kind including paint markers and spray paint

● NO Fireworks

● NO Firearms

● NO Chinese Lanterns

● NO Illegal Substances

● NO Open Fires

● NO Charcoal Grills

● NO Propane Tanks Larger than 1 lb.

● NO Vending without permit allowed

● NO Bicycles, Scooters, Go-carts, or ATV

● NO Pets, leave your pets at home. Unless a service animal per ADA guidelines

● NO Generators unless part of a motorhome or RV

● NO Gasoline

● NO Kegs

● NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia

● NO Laser pointers

● NO Flags or totems with metal or wood pieces

● NO Unsealed tampons

● NO Pacifiers

● NO Unsealed Over the Counter Medications/Vitamins

● Prescription Drugs in non approved prescription containers must be turned over to


● Deodorant and Perfume in aerosol are not allowed.

● No Projectiles or Explosives or Fireworks

● Knives Larger than 3 Inches – Kitchen knives are acceptable in the camping area only

● No Flammable Products or Aerosol Cans

● No Open Fires

● No Flyers, Stickers, Posters

● No Drones

● No Tactical Gear

● NO Large speakers. Self powered speakers small enough to be carried in one hand are permitted.