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The Elements 2024 Phase 2 Lineup Is Here! 😎

We promised you we’d add jam, house, and techno artists, so we're happy to present the Elements 2024 phase two lineup below! 🪩

Elements Music and Arts Festival phase two artist lineup.

To get us all in an even more spirited mood for our exciting announcement, we’ve paired our favorite tunes by a handful of our phase two lineup artists for us to take a dance break to below. 

Bass music virtuoso G Jones will bring his brilliance to Elements for the first time. 

Self-taught DJ-producer and audio engineer Sara Landry is taking the electronic music world by storm, and we couldn’t miss the techno tempest she’s unleashing!

Fly With Us, the dynamic b2b duo of AC Slater and Chris Lorenzo, will surely make a ‘seismic’ impact at this year’s festival with their high-energy house hits.

What do you get when two electronic music titans link up? A b2b so out-of-this-world you’ll swear you’ve entered another dimension. So, get ready to experience the effervescent performance between these two DJ powerhouses: Green Velvet b2b Patrick Topping.

Iconic Philly-based jam band The Disco Biscuits, will perform a 🔥trance fusion show amid a dreamy backdrop for us to dance the day away! 

Exciting stuff, right?! Are you ready to start your journey to Elements 2024? YAY! Elements will return to Long Pond, PA, from August 9 to 11, 2024. Click here to get your tickets now! 


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