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Exploring New Horizons: Barclay Crenshaw's Artistic Evolution

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of electronic music, Barclay Crenshaw stands as a figure of innovation and exploration. Known for pushing the boundaries of genre and sound, Crenshaw’s recent shift from house music to a rich palette of bass, dub, jungle, funk, and hip-hop marks a thrilling new chapter in his career. Through an in-depth Q&A, Crenshaw shares insights into his artistic evolution, the challenges of diverse music curation, and his future in the music industry.

Deep Dive into Barclay Crenshaw’s Creative Journey: An Unedited Q&A

Q: With your recent shift towards exploring bass, dub, jungle, funk, and hip-hop, what inspired this artistic evolution, and how do you balance these new influences with your established sound?

A: "Right now I’m not balancing it at all. I’ve completely abandoned house music for the time being. I’m currently not interested in playing any Claude VonStroke sets. When I think I can innovate and come back with something totally new to say, I might revisit it but not for now. I’m having way too much fun in my new sandbox."

Q: Your performances under your real name are known for their immersive experience that seamlessly blends various genres. Can you share your approach to curating such diverse sets and the challenge of connecting with diverse audiences?

A: "It's about ten times more difficult to curate a set with so many variations and different BPMs. But luckily I have such a wide musical knowledge going so far back that I can pull out a 1983 Rap cut and mix it into a 2024 Halftime cut into a 1998 jungle cut. I don’t know anyone else who is doing that. I try to integrate the feeling of diverse music from Reggae to dubstep to hip hop and funk. No stone goes unturned."

Q: As the founder of Dirtybird Records, you've had a significant impact on the electronic music scene. How has running the label influenced your own music production and artistic choices under the Barclay Crenshaw moniker?

A: "After I sold Dirtybird I decided that I would focus on creativity and my artist career again. But running a label for 20 years gave me impeccable A&R skills for picking out cool tunes. I use all my secret track finding 'goldmining' techniques for my BC sets. Production wise I threw everything out the window. House is all the same beat so now I’m free to do any beats I want to do."

Q: Your work often incorporates otherworldly themes and a deep love for '90s hip-hop. How do these elements manifest in your music, and what role do they play in your creative process?

A: "I’m constantly trying to re-create the feeling I had when I was a kid hearing rap music for the first time. Always striving to get back to that feeling of discovery and wonder. Always pushing into something I’m not used to making."

Q: Looking ahead, what future projects or collaborations are you excited about, and how do you see your sound evolving in the coming years?

A: "I’m collabing with tons of people now. I’ll be releasing a track every two weeks starting in May so everyone can follow my journey through the record releases. If you follow my newsletter or join my Discord you get everything way before the general public."

A New Era of Sound and Style

Barclay Crenshaw's commitment to exploring new musical territories is not just a testament to his versatility as an artist but also highlights his desire to remain at the forefront of the music scene. As he continues to innovate and collaborate, his journey is a vivid reminder of the endless possibilities within the world of music. His approach—bold, unapologetic, and constantly evolving—ensures that his audience is always on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating his next move.


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