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Celebrating Earth Day with Elements Eco-Initiatives

Happy Earth Day! Did you know Elements is the most sustainable electronic music festival in the Northeast?

We strive to lessen our impact on the environment by focusing on as many eco-initiatives as we can each year and aiming to choose the more sustainable option every time.


  • Did you know our venue is powered by an on-site solar farm year round!? That means part of the Elements production is run by electricity generated from that big ball of fire in the sky. How cool!

  • We partner with a local regenerative farm—Pocono Organics—to provide fresh foods to our vendors. This not only helps cut down on emissions from farm to fork, but helps support local business in the Poconos area! We also provide composting in our vendor area to reduce festival food waste.

  • We believe in the power of art to inspire sustainable change, so this year we’ll be offering a 1K grant for artists to create a regenerative art piece for the festival. Past ideas we’ve seen include a camp run 100% by bike power and a stage built completely out of trash. Will you bring about the next big idea? More information about the art grant will be available soon.

  • We offer free water throughout the festival for you to refill your reusable water bottles and canteens with. Always remember to stay hydrated folks!

  • Keep our home in the Poconos clean by following our Leave No Trace policy! All attendees must bring everything they bring with them to Elements back home with them after the festival.


  • Take your passion for creating a sustainable music festival a step further and volunteer on the TECTONIC Green Team! Not only is this one of the most important departments at Elements, they’re a great group of people to be around and learn from. APPLY HERE.

  • Carpooling to Elements is highly encouraged! Avoid having to secure a Solo Driver Car Pass Add-On, which is an additional cost anyone driving into Elements alone will have to pay on top of their Festival + Vehicle Passes. Make plans to come with a group so you don’t have to pay, and most importantly, to cut down on your carbon footprint!

  • Use our Public Sorting Stations! The sorting stations located throughout the festival make it easy to let go of your trash and recycling so you can keep dancing without a worry in the world.

  • Keep it fresh baby, Renegade Recycling is your drive-by trash collector! When you see the truck coming through the campgrounds, be sure to use it! Toss out your camp’s sorted trash and recycling throughout the weekend to keep your campsite clean.

There's lots we can all do to make a more sustainable Elements for years to come. Be a part of making this one the best yet and secure your ticket today!


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