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Vibe Villages are Elements unique group camping experience for 10+ people. Encouraging participation, Vibe Villages allow patrons to bring their own unique creativity to the Elements experience, encouraging YOU to become the festival rather than just attend!

With all the great perks of group camping, Vibe Villages allow you to keep the squad together and create the custom luxury campsite of your dreams.​​ Bring a mix of your own RV’s, tents, and cars and customize your festival space. ​Vibe Villages are located in a marked area in a premium location. 


To start your Vibe Village, follow the steps below.

Note: Vibe Village Group camping passes do not include festival passes (sold separately).***


To start a Vibe Village, the Group Leader must email vibes@elementsfest.us with the requested Village Name. Our Vibes team will then create unique ticket types for your village and send back a unique private link. The village leader can send out the link to prospective village members who want to join. Once a Vibe Village reaches 10 members, the Vibe Village will be confirmed. If a village does not reach 10 members by the cutoff date, the village will be canceled.



If you are joining a Vibe Village, you must purchase a Vibe Village Member Pass for your group using the unique link sent directly from the Vibe Village Leader, or another Vibe Village Member. Group signups will close 1 month prior to the festival start.

3 | Purchase CAR AND RV passes

If you are planning on bringing a vehicle, you must purchase a Vibe Village Car Camping Pass or RV Pass for the Village you are joining. These passes will be in place of a Car Camping Pass or RV Pass. If you have already purchased a Car Camping or RV Pass, email info@elementsfest.us to transfer your current pass to the correct village. Please make sure to purchase your vehicle passes at least 1 month prior to arrival to ensure your campsite will be large enough to accommodate your group. 

Note: Powered RV and preset options, such as Preset RVs, Glamping, and Preset Tents, are not available for group camping.


Fill out our Vibe Village Form and choose which village you and your group want to be a part of. 


🔥Fire Village: Experience Camps

The Fire Village contains groups that look to coexist within the Elements Community by bringing a shared interactive experience. Examples of these are sound camps, interactive art, and performance camps. These camps are curated throughout the Vibe Village area but are generally closest to the festival entrance!

🌊Water Village : Expression Camps

The Water Village is for groups that channel expression in their festie home. We love to see themed costumes, art and decorations, and gifting that show what you and your crew are all about!

🌬️Air Village : Homies Camps

The Air Village is for groups that want to go with the flow and be with the homies.

Best of all, there’s Vibe Villages perks! The more you participate, the better the benefits your group receives. These include:

  • Best placement in relation to venue entrance (besides Premium Camping).

  • Dedicated Vibe Village concierge pre-fest for 1-on-1 calls and onsite support. 

  • Potential to receive funding to help bring your camps vision to life.

  • Contests with prizes + exclusive merch.

  • Added to festival map and promoted on the festival app

  • Approved Fire Villages will have the ability to pick locations each year.

  • Exclusive early entry for Fire village key members (dependent upon approval).


* All Perks dependent on Village selection and activation.

Once filled out, our Vibe Village team will get in touch to help you plan out your Vibe Village experience. 


If you have questions about the Vibe Village experience, please contact us at vibes@elementsfest.us.

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