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Earth Signs: Pioneering the Future of Dance Music

In the dynamic world of electronic dance music, Earth Signs emerges as a pioneering duo, seamlessly blending house and techno rhythms with an infectious energy that captivates their audience. Their unique sound is a testament to their diverse influences and innovative approach to music production. As they navigate the complexities of the music industry, Earth Signs shares their journey, inspirations, and the vision that propels them forward.


Unveiling the Beats: An Unedited Insight Through Q&A

Diving into the essence of Earth Signs' musical journey, we present an untouched Q&A session that reveals the influences, processes, and aspirations at the heart of their collaborative venture.

Q: Can you share which artists or genres have had the most significant influence on your sound, and how do they inspire your music?

A: "We’re really into a few different artists at the moment…Gorgon City are on fire right now…Elena was shuffling to their music in 2017 so it’s been really awesome for her to see them evolve over the years with their music. We’re also just really inspired by how clean their sound design and mixes are. We’ve been vibing to a lot of Josh Butler’s music recently. His groove and swing are the real deal and we’re really enjoying everything we can find out of him. We watch a lot of sets online and we’ve been glued to a particular Pan Pot set for a few weeks and they’re super creative and inspiring djs and producers. In terms of influencing our sound it’s probably Ronnie Spiteri more than anyone else…his songs bridge the gap between house and techno in such a unique way. He keeps it super dancey and up-feeling and his catalog is legitimately chef's kiss. We’re really inspired by both house and techno and don’t necessarily want to lean in on one over the other, so seeing someone have such success in making both work has been super influential to us!"

Q: What does your creative process look like when developing new tracks or mixes, and how do you collaborate within the group to bring these ideas to life?

A: "Our creative process is always evolving! Our latest song “Want It (Dub)” was actually a pretty quick creation, but we then spent a ton of time on song structure and arrangement just through the act of playing it on repeat and dancing around together. We were really trying to listen to where our bodies and natural movements were trying to take the song and then using those discoveries to kind of lead our decision making. It was a really fun way for us to step away from the computer and make progress in a different way. We’re also always adding to a ton of different playlists that are categorized by specific feelings. That way when we’re putting together some of our mixes or even when we go into the process of working on a song together, we have emotional references to lean into. What’s most important to us is that we’re having fun while creating together! That energy is totally visible once you arrive at the final product and we’ve really been trying to remember that through our creative process."

Q: What have been some of the biggest challenges you've faced as a group in the music industry, and how have you overcome them?

A: "We’re still new in the industry as artists and we’re still learning how to balance Earth Signs with other commitments. Finding time to be creative and work on music has been a top priority for us this year and something that we want to continue to give our time to together. With this being so new for us it does come with a lot of firsts (our first festival which we are totally not freaking out about, our first song release, our first club show) and with a lot of firsts comes a lot of new experiences! Its such a freaking exciting time for us and we’re just trying to reflect and appreciate all of these firsts as we navigate through them! We’re also self-managed, so just working through all of the additional things that come with that takes time to figure out as well :)"

"We are still buzzing from our set in Brooklyn last weekend!! The energy in the room was just everything that we could ask for and that all starts with the amazing humans who were there for the show! We try to vibe with everyone during our set as much as we can, but we always make it a point to go and spend time with whoever we can find after! It’s super important to us both to connect at that level with everyone that we can :)"

"Both of us are always digging for new music and that’s where the preparation really starts. We definitely prepare groups of songs that we feel could work well for an upcoming gig, and depending on the situation we may decide to go in different directions depending on how the crowd is responding. We really do our best to be ready for anything when we’re up there and that all starts at home with our music library."

"We do have a general rule though…if it makes Elena dance…we’re playing it."

Q: Looking ahead, what are some goals you have for the group, and are there any exciting projects or collaborations you're currently working on or planning for the future?

A: "We’re aiming for more festivals in 2025! AND we’ve been working on a lot of different styles of new music over the last few weeks and are looking to get those out and released this summer!"

"We’re also really really focused on growing our incredible community! We are so grateful for our Shuffle House NYC fam and are going to continue to bring everyone together to connect and dance outside of the classroom! You are all so loved, and we appreciate you so much!!!"

As Earth Signs continues to make waves in the electronic music scene, their journey is a vibrant mosaic of innovation, collaboration, and deep-rooted passion for the beats that move us. With each track, live set, and creative endeavor, they not only push the boundaries of house and techno but also forge a unique connection with their audience. The future holds exciting possibilities for Earth Signs, with aspirations for festival stages, new music releases, and growing their community. As they navigate the evolving landscapes of dance music, Earth Signs remains a testament to the power of music to inspire, connect, and transform, promising an electrifying journey ahead for both the duo and their fans.


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