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TVBOO: Mixing Humor, Horror, and Heavy Bass in Dubstep

In the dynamic world of electronic music, TVBOO stands out for his unique blend of heavy bass, humor, and an engaging personal brand that resonates deeply with fans both online and off. Known for his irreverent humor and distinctive sound, TVBOO has carved a niche that keeps the dance floor lively and his fans constantly entertained. This blog provides an inside look at TVBOO's creative process, his engagement strategies, and the playful madness behind his music through a detailed Q&A session.

Deep Dive into TVBOO's World: An Unfiltered Q&A

Q: Your sound is known for its heavy bass and unique blend of humor and horror. What sparked your interest in combining these elements, and how do you keep this balance fresh in your productions?

A: "I didn't know I used horror, but I definitely use humor. I'm just a goofy goober. A little stinker if you will. If I’m laughing while making a song, it’s more fun, and usually the listener is having fun too."

Q: Engagement with fans is a big part of your brand, especially through social media and your podcast, 'TVLKS with TVBOO.' How do you approach content creation for these platforms, and what do you think is key to connecting with your audience beyond the music?

A: "The key is just to make it me. I'm not pretending to be someone else. I enjoy talking with people and I enjoy making people laugh, so I just try to make everything I put out fun. I don’t care about anything else other than having a good time and making other people have a good time. I guess that’s why I’m a DJ."

Q: Your track titles often have a playful or unconventional twist. Can you share the story behind one of your more uniquely named tracks and how you came up with the title?

A: "I wish there was a deeper meaning behind my track titles or pre-drops but, the truth is, I just think of something funny and go with it. A lot of the time my team hits me with a 'IDK about this song title,' lol. Judge Judy does have a fat ass, though."

Q: The dubstep scene is constantly evolving, with many artists pushing the boundaries of the genre. How do you stay innovative in your music production, and are there any emerging trends in dubstep or bass music that you're excited to explore?

A: "I honestly try not to pay attention to that. I just make things that I think are cool and fun. If I pay too much attention to what everyone else is doing and try to recreate that it won’t work because it ain’t true to me. Obviously I try to get better with every song and the longer I produce the better I become."

Q: Your live shows are known for their high energy and immersive experience. When planning a live performance, what elements are most important to you to ensure the audience has a memorable experience, and how has your approach to live shows evolved over time?

A: "My approach hasn't changed since I started. I just want to make it a fun and silly set. I don’t care about anything else. Obviously over time I get better at doing it. But the mission has been the same."

Redefining the Dubstep Experience

TVBOO's approach to music is a breath of fresh air in a genre that can often take itself too seriously. His commitment to fun, coupled with his skill in bass music production, ensures that his tracks are not only powerful but also playful. As TVBOO continues to entertain and engage with his unique style, he not only captivates his audience but also leaves a lasting impression that makes each performance memorable. Through humor, creativity, and a deep connection with his fans, TVBOO is redefining what it means to be a dubstep artist in today's music scene.


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