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Max Styler: Mastering the Fusion of Indie Dance and Tech House

In the eclectic world of electronic music, Max Styler stands out with a sound uniquely his own, deftly blending influences from rock and alt-rock with the pulsating rhythms of dance and house music. This sonic alchemist has continuously evolved, drawing on a diverse musical background to forge a path that intersects indie dance with tech house. In this exclusive blog post, Max Styler delves into the nuances of his musical evolution, creative process, and aspirations within the ever-changing music landscape.

Exploring Musical Evolution: An In-depth Q&A with Max Styler

Q: You've developed a unique sound within the electronic music scene. Can you describe your musical evolution and the influences that have shaped your style?

A: "Absolutely, I think for me the road to developing my sound was through experimenting with many different music genres. I've produced and tried making so many different styles over the years and that’s definitely helped me hone in on what I love the most. I used to listen to a lot of rock/alt-rock as a kid and I’ve found a way to morph that with dance music and house music. I’d say it’s a middle ground between indie dance and tech house."

Q: Your tracks often feature a mix of vibrant beats and melodic elements. What's your creative process for balancing these components in your music?

A: "I just follow a voice in my head while I’m creating that says 'that sucks or ok that’s cool'. I try to write a lot and as often as I can. There are a lot of things that I start that will never come out but I find that the best way to write. Throw everything at it and there will be a few good ideas scattered around in there that deserve to see the light of day."

Q: Collaboration can lead to some incredible music. Who are some artists you dream of working with in the future, and why?

A: "Within dance music specifically, a dream collaboration would be Solomun or Gesaffelstein, and outside of dance music, I would say Cage The Elephant, Tame Impala, or Two Door Cinema Club."

Q: Live performances are a crucial aspect of a DJ's career. How do you prepare for your shows, and what do you aim to deliver to your audience during your sets?

A: "Each show is a bit different, and I want to ensure I keep each set as fresh as possible. I usually spend several hours prepping each set and finding new music to play that I’m currently loving."

Q: As the music industry continues to evolve, particularly with the rise of streaming and social media, how do you see these platforms impacting your music and interaction with fans?

A: "Times are definitely different even from when I started back in 2014. Social media is how people consume everything. Yes, there’s good and bad with that but on a positive note, I do love that it’s a tool an artist can use now to give you your own unique voice. Finding new music is the most accessible it’s ever been thanks to Spotify, Beatport, Instagram/Twitter, etc."

Max Styler: A Journey of Sound and Style

Max Styler's journey through the realms of indie dance and tech house is a testament to his adaptive creativity and his deep understanding of musical fusion. His approach to production—balancing humor, energy, and a wide array of influences—ensures that each track and performance is not just heard, but felt. As he continues to navigate the intersections of genre and innovation, Styler remains a compelling figure in the electronic music scene, poised to influence its trajectory for years to come.


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