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Canabliss: Weaving Artistry Across Mediums and Music

In the dynamic world of electronic music, Canabliss stands out not just for her compelling sounds but also for her seamless integration of multiple art forms into her music production. As a Toronto-based artist deeply engaged with music, photography, and digital art, Canabliss brings a unique perspective to the electronic scene. In this in-depth blog post, she shares insights into how her diverse interests influence her music and how the vibrant city of Toronto shapes her artistic expression.

Exploring Creativity: An In-depth Q&A with Canabliss

Q: Your artistic journey encompasses a broad spectrum of mediums, from music to photography and digital art. How do these diverse forms of expression influence your music production, and do you find that they intersect in your creative process?

A: "I definitely have a profound appreciation for art in all different forms! It’s a really fun challenge to try and harmonize different elements together for my project. It’s important for me, and I’m sure all kinds of artists, to keep the creative flow intact and sometimes when you work too much in one category it can be easy to get burnt out. I find it extremely helpful to transition over to another creative outlet when confronted with that feeling, and in turn, it really helps to sustain the motivation for me!"

Q: As a Toronto-based artist, how has the city's cultural and musical landscape shaped your sound and approach to music? Are there specific elements of Toronto's scene that you incorporate into your work?

A: "Toronto is truly where my love for music and shows began. I started going to concerts and music festivals in the city when I was really young and that certainly helped immerse me into the scene and shape me into the artist I’ve become today. Unfortunately, the music scene in Toronto took a super huge hit during covid and really slowed down for a while, thankfully it is just starting to pick back up now! In general, Toronto has a multitude of different cultures, and growing up around all of them taught me to appreciate so many different diverse styles of music and art in general. It definitely reflects in my music as I love incorporating ethnic inspirations into my songs!"

Q: Your music is known for its immersive qualities. Can you share insights into how you craft your soundscapes and what you aim for listeners to experience through your music?

A: "I really just get into a specific flow state and this allows it all to come together based on whatever emotions and feelings I’m working through at the time. Sometimes I like to add cinematic elements which really help make my music become more immersive. While the ultimate goal is to captivate and resonate with whomever is listening, the most important thing is to have fun when I’m writing, that’s when I know there will be a positive impact for the listeners."

Q: The electronic music scene is continuously evolving, with new sounds and genres emerging regularly. How do you stay innovative in your music production, and are there any new directions you're excited to explore in your upcoming projects?

A: "It’s honestly amazing how the scene is always evolving, but sometimes as an artist, it can be a bit daunting to try and keep up with all the latest trends and genres emerging! That being said, I still find all the new music super inspiring and am always trying to stay innovative. Sometimes I really am best at writing when I have specific emotions I need to express and I think it reflects in my music in a special way that hopefully resonates with the listeners. In my sets, I really love to incorporate different genres and am definitely excited to branch out and explore more production with styles different than what I normally would produce."

Q: Beyond music, you have a keen interest in the digital world and video games. How do these interests influence your music, and do you see them playing a role in your future projects or performances?

A: "I truly have a huge love for video games and am constantly finding inspiration from them. Whether that be the in-game music, design aesthetics, or immersive storytelling, I really think video games have played a large role in my artistic journey. I find that whenever I play a game too much, my music even starts reflecting it a little bit. It is certainly an absolute dream to be able to get my songs into some video games in the future!"

A Symphony of Sounds and Sights

Canabliss's approach to blending her various artistic passions into her music not only sets her apart in the electronic music scene but also speaks to her innovative spirit. As she continues to navigate and shape the sonic world, her multidisciplinary approach ensures that her music not only resonates on a sonic level but also visually and emotionally with her audience.


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