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11 Big Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss Elements 2024!

So, you’re thinking about getting your Elements tickets? YAY! Besides the allure of our incredible artist lineup, you might wonder, ‘What else makes Elements so darn cool? Why should I go?’


Well, we’re glad you asked. Buckle up, listen to this 🔥REDUX album from our headliner, Kaskade, and read on for 11 BIG reasons why you’ll want to join us for summer’s grand finale!

crowd cheers and dances to skrillex at a massive stage with pyrotechnics


Experience our most colossal production yet, with new stages and unmatched awesomeness! Immerse yourself in the sizzling spectacle of Fire with double the pyro from past years. Your journey through Earth’s mesmerizing visuals will blow your mind! Chill in the vibe-y Air nestled in the idyllic woods. Dive into daytime shenanigans at Water. And finally, lose yourself to bass-heavy beats at the Wub Hub.

large group of elements festival attendees pose for a photo


Join Vibe Villages for an exclusive group adventure, perfect for 10+ friends seeking priority camping with great perks. Soak in the festival’s vibrant ambiance as you celebrate creativity, authenticity, and the spirit of giving within your dedicated space. Bless us with your peak “main character energy” ✨ by living the Elements story, fostering community, and appreciating vivid art and wonders in every moment! 

art, theatrical performances, and no-limits casino with festivalgoers


Down for a little hint of mischief? Sure, you are! Set out on a multi-sensory voyage at The Bizarre, a Coney Island-inspired village overflowing with captivating theatrical performances, immersive art, and a no-limits casino experience courtesy of Frick Frack Blackjack. From whimsical sideshow spectacles to quirky bars, meander around a world riddled with humorous hijinks and endless entertainment.

festival attendees experiencing a sound bath and guided meditation


A nurturing oasis awaits you via The Healing Garden, where you can tap into transformative wellness practices. From yoga and meditation to sound baths and insightful discussions, our curated program empowers our community to make a positive and sustainable impact.

festival attendees in costumes pose under a glowing large-scale mushroom sculpture


As night falls, the forest comes alive with luminescent mushrooms, blooming flowers, and fanciful candy creatures, creating a stirring spectacle that feels nothing short of dreamy. Saunter around this enchanting realm of radiant marvels for a remarkable experience amid nature's glowing beauty.

group of friends at elements festival lounge in a large hanging net


Unwind in the Treenet Village while sopping up all the melodic beats flowing from the surrounding stages. Treenet has spacious communal hanging nets, offering you and your closest cronies the perfect cozy haven amid the buzzy festival atmosphere.

a festival attendee eats a veggie bowl


We’ve carefully curated our favorite food and beverage picks of the region to offer you a diverse array of healthy options to refuel your body. Our two food courts will be abundantly filled with organic, locally sourced fare, with plenty of options for our vegan and gluten-free fam. Having an excellent environmental footprint is highly important to us! So, we prioritize sustainability with recyclable containers and plates, offering discounts to attendees who bring their own drinking vessels.

party duo hosts called LazerPants pose in colorful costumes


A whirlwind of fun and games awaits you at The FunBox!  We’ve teamed up with the ultimate party-starting duo, LazerPantz! From relay races to talent shows and spelling bees to puppet shows, you’ll gladden your inner child within this world of whimsy filled with exciting surprises and seductive entertainment – all designed for you to experience the extraordinary IRL.

an elements festival attendee receives a massage by a trained professional


Revitalize your body and spirit at The Zen Den, located at the heart of the campgrounds. Enjoy massages, saunas, and ice baths led by a dedicated holistic health and spiritual guide for you to feel rejuvenated.

attendees visit elements festival's onsite unicorn salon for hair braiding, facial glitter, tinsels, henna, and body paint


Keen to have a fresh hue atop a cute braided ‘do? Your transformative beauty escapade begins at the Unicorn Salon! Experience top-notch services. This charming pop-up offers hair braiding, tinsel, jewels, glitter, body paint, henna, and barber services.

people sit on a couch and an attendee stands posing atop a colorful art bus


Climb aboard and engage with the roaming art cars at Elements before they trek from the East Coast to Black Rock City, Nevada, for Burning Man! Explore the festival grounds to encounter these mobile masterpieces, each offering a distinct interactive experience that's sure to delight!



See! We told you there’s SOOO much blissful bass and merriment in your future!

Ready to go?! Click here to purchase your tickets and kick off your countdown to Elements 2024!

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