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Rome in Silver: Blending Genres and Pushing Boundaries in Electronic Music

In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, Rome in Silver stands out for his eclectic blend of chillwave, trap, and a myriad of other influences. Known for his intricate sound design and compelling visual identity, Rome in Silver continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences. In this exclusive Q&A, we delve into his sources of inspiration, the technical challenges he has overcome, and his future aspirations.

A Deep Dive into Rome in Silver's Creative Process: An Exclusive Q&A

Q: Your musical style incorporates a wide range of influences, from chillwave to trap. What has been the most unexpected source of inspiration for you, and how has it shaped your approach to creating music?

A: "It’s tough because I listen to so many different genres of music to the point where it almost makes it difficult for me to decide on what I want to make next. I’m inspired by everything and I don’t think there’s a style I haven’t tried at least once. I think what’s most inspiring to me is when an artist takes an older sound/genre and makes it up to date. Think - Justice, Empire Of The Sun, Jungle, Tame Impala, etc. Taking a retro sound and fitting in with the music of today. That to me is inspiring."

Q: The visual identity of an artist is often as impactful as their sound. How do you approach the visual aspects of your brand and music releases, and is there a particular theme or concept you aim to convey through your visuals?

A: "I like to stick with artists/photographers/videographers that I trust. That’s kind of what has helped shape my aesthetic. I made connections with visual artists I admire and continued to work with them. You build a relationship and then they start to understand your vision and can execute it better each time."

Q: Your tracks frequently feature intricate sound design and detailed production techniques. Can you share a specific technical challenge you've overcome in your production process, and how solving it has influenced your work since?

A: "I actually try to keep things simple in my workflow. At least lately that’s been the case, because having too many options in the studio has been a problem for me. There’s so much gear and software and music creation tools out there. Sometimes you have to strip everything back and figure out the bare minimum of what you need to make music. I’ve got rid of old gear I wasn’t using, deleted hundreds of gigs of samples that just took up space, etc. Simplifying can lead to better results in my opinion."

Q: Live performances can offer unique challenges and opportunities for electronic artists. How do you translate your studio creations into a live set, and is there a particular live performance that has been especially significant for you?

A: "I mainly do DJ sets, but I did a live show tour in 2023 and it was fun. It was a ton of work and I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. I had to re-learn how to play the piano in front of people. But it was a fun challenge and it would be cool to expand on that more in the future. The LA and Chicago live shows I did were a huge moment for me."

Q: Collaboration can lead to unexpected creative synergies. Is there a dream artist or producer you'd like to collaborate with in the future, and what do you think they would bring to your creative process?

A: "I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Damon Albarn. He’s the reason I like to try making so many different genres of music. With the Gorillaz you can hear all sorts of styles he fuses together into one project and I always thought that was awesome. I think if we got in the studio together he would bring his years of experience and wisdom to create something insane. With all of his accolades and work he’s done with multiple bands, he’s probably got a few tricks up his sleeves."

Looking Forward: The Future of Rome in Silver

Rome in Silver continues to evolve, drawing from a vast array of influences and constantly refining his craft. By maintaining a balance between simplicity and innovation, he creates music that is both deeply personal and universally resonant. As he looks towards future collaborations and live performances, Rome in Silver remains committed to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and inspiring his listeners. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from this multi-talented artist.


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