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Kaskade (Redux): Evolving Sounds and Intimate Experiences in Electronic Music

Kaskade has long been a towering figure in the electronic music scene, renowned for his influential sound and expansive career. With the introduction of his Redux sets, Kaskade has redefined the live electronic music experience, focusing on intimate performances and deeper connections with his audience. In this exclusive Q&A, Kaskade delves into the evolution of his sound, the unique essence of Redux, his dream collaborations, and more.

A Deep Dive into Kaskade's Musical Journey: An Exclusive Q&A

Q: Your journey in the electronic music scene has been both influential and expansive. How do you feel your sound and approach to music production have evolved over the years?

A: "I think my sound is and always has been a reflection of what I’m experiencing in my own life. There have been up times and down times. That’s not to say if you hear a super uplifting tune from me, everything in my life is in order. Sometimes it’s the opposite, I put out a song that I need to hear. Something to lift me up and out of what I’m going through. The evolution is a story line. New technology and new influences can be heard from the beginning to now, but the heart and soul is always going to be my voice."

Q: Redux sets have become a signature aspect of your career, offering a unique experience to your fans. Could you explain the main differences between your classic tracks and what audiences can expect from a Redux set?

A: "REDUX started out as a bit of pushback from me to the magnificent but sometimes overpowering spectacle of stage and light. I wanted to strip it all back, just let me be 4 feet away from the crowd, on the same level, maybe a mirrorball and pinlights but the vibe was going to stay away from the quick attack and release of big stage sets. As it turns out, REDUX spoke a language that a lot of people didn’t know they were eager to hear. There was a lot of post-set comments of “WHeRE wAS thE DrOP?? WorST seT EveR KASkaDe suXXX” and I sort of took that as a compliment, it was different enough that those who didn’t know what to expect didn’t understand what they received. As time has moved on, REDUX has grown and now the only way I can describe it is this - REDUX is what I say it is. It won’t be the set where you hear the big hits one after another, though you might hear elements of them. It’s more of a meditation on a groove. But it slaps."

Q: Collaboration plays a significant role in the creative process for many artists. Who is on your wish list for future collaborations, and what do you think they would bring to your distinctive sound?

A: "I’ve been working on a few collaborations recently with Alison Wonderland and John Summit that will be coming out and of course just wound one year up of collaboration with deadmau5. There are the dreams of bringing iconic vocalists and seeing what they can do with what I do. Having someone in the studio with the vocal mastery of Adele or Sade would blow my mind. But I appreciate the hunger in undiscovered talent. The hope in a voice that hasn’t been discovered is something to respect."

Q: The venues you've played in have varied widely, from intimate clubs to grand festivals. Do you have a preference for the type of venue you perform in, and what impact does it have on your connection with the audience?

A: "I have no preference really. It’s like saying to prefer to eat breakfast or dinner? I prefer to eat because I’m hungry. Playing for a small crowd in an intimate venue is impactful in a way that being on a stage and seeing 100k people as a whole cannot be. But the sound that 100k make is bone chillingly awesome, and you can’t get that in a small club. I am grateful for every single time I get to play."

Q: As the electronic music landscape continues to evolve, where do you see the genre heading, and what innovations or trends are you excited to explore in your upcoming projects?

A: "Future casting in art is a dangerous business. Music, paintings, story telling, all performances are colored by the state of the world. We’re in a particularly tricky moment globally, on the heels of COVID and so much division and unclear answers to seemingly worldwide problems. All music is heading to a more important role because it offers relief which is so important. We can’t live in a state of constant agitation. So whatever that looks like for various genres, the only thing that remains true is that it’s more and more crucial that we create art. That excites me. A happy tune isn’t going to fix problems but man…it just might make a few minutes better for a few million people, and I’m down to do that."

Looking Forward: The Continuing Evolution of Kaskade (Redux)

Kaskade's commitment to authenticity and innovation has cemented his place in the electronic music scene. By reflecting his personal experiences and continuously experimenting with new technologies and collaborations, he has created a dynamic and evolving sound that resonates with fans around the world. As he looks to the future, Kaskade remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of his art, offering a beacon of creativity and hope in an ever-changing world. Stay tuned for more from this iconic artist as he continues to shape the future of electronic music.


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