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Spotlights: Healing Garden Presenters

Get to know some of the renowned presenters who are bringing their special offerings—including acro-yoga, breathwork, sound healing + more—to the Healing Garden at Elements.

Ari & Emme


Nidra + Reiki-Infused Sound Bath, Breathwork Alchemy Experience, Rooted Radiance: Guided Reiki Grounding Meditation + Sound Healing, Kundalini Dance + Sound

More About ari & emme:

Within a trauma-informed container, Ari and Emme weave their collective gifts, education, training, & experiences to cultivate somatic, multidimensional, and intentional offerings designed to help others more deeply explore the mind-body-spirit connection, so that they can open up more sincerely to the world around them.

Mark Berger


A flow that allows you to move like YOU! This class will help you connect more to your Higher Self through breathwork, sound, meditation, conscious dharma, and fun mindful movement.

More About Mark:

Influencing health has not only been Mark's passion, but is his life's work. He has been heavily involved in health & wellness events, holistic retreats, and philanthropy in New Orleans and around the globe for the past two decades. Mark specializes in yoga, functional fitness, nutrition, meditation, endurance training, and life coaching. After travelling to India extensively and continuing his studies here in the states, his teaching is a dharma inspired asana that mixes physicality with mental & spiritual well being. He loves bridging a gap between western modalities & thought with the sacred ancient eastern ways. Mark is also an event director, taught yoga around the world, and performed with Big Freedia for many large music/health festivals around the country.  

Alchemy Vibrations


The Alchemical Sacrament: a ceremony concert and vision odyssey with live vocals, harp, flute, electronic beats, breathwork, EFT, EMDR, and spoken narratives guiding you to manifest an authentic life aligned with the true golden essence within.

Alchemy Vibrations Ecstatic Dance: move your body to an intricate blend of original organic house beats with live vocals, harp, flute and inspiring lyrics. 


Alchemy Vibrations, Antonia & Daren, create an elixir of ancient wisdom and future vision, alchemized into the present vibration. As music producers, performers, workshop leaders and event creators, they are recognized for their ceremonial experiences and transformative hybrid live sets that combine their original organic house beats and world music with live vocals, harp, flute, inspiring lyrics, and teachings from the alchemical tradition.

Rob & Chloe Braun


Acroyoga is a movement practice that involves creating yoga inspired shapes with a partner through the intelligent application of body mechanics, muscle energy, physics and the trust of your partnerships. You will elevate your fitness and take yoga to another level like never before! All offerings in this event are completely beginner friendly and suitable for all levels of fitness. No experience is required.

more about ROB & CHLOE BRAUN:

Chloe and Rob have taught a variety of workshops and festivals in a multitude of cities across all of North America. Chloe is a massage therapist, a yoga & mobility teacher , personal trainer & certified by AcroYoga International. She encompasses a mind,body, spirit approach when working with clients & has a passion for helping people reach their full potential. Rob is an engineer, a Movement Flow coach and is also certified by AcroYoga International. He has had lifetime love affair with strength training, body building, and most recently handstands.

Karissa Bollinger & Lauren Segalla


IN-JOY: Emotion in Motion: The IN-JOY experience leads you through a journey of intentional sweat-inducing, structured movement, dance, and mindful breath as a means to help you purposefully evoke, explore, and befriend your inner emotional landscape with music weaving a collective transformational experience. 

Adaptogens & Plant Medicine: Explore The Healing Potential of Plant Medicine & Breathwork in this dynamic workshop, participants will be guided on a journey through informative discussion, immersive breathwork exercises, and collaborative group sharing. 

Karissa Bollinger, a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Birth Guide, and Hormone Health Practitioner, and Lauren Segalla, an RN, Ecstatic Birth Practitioner, and Embodiment & Pleasure mentor, joined forces to co-found IN-JOY. They recognized a significant void in the fitness and wellness industry that focused solely on "physical fitness" while neglecting "emotional fitness." IN-JOY was born out of their shared vision to bridge this gap and provide a holistic approach to well-being by guiding and empowering others to tap into their emotional landscape through intentional movement.


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