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Art Of Change 2024 + Apply For Our Eco-Conscious Artist Grant

Introducing the Elements 2024 Art of Change initiative. This year we are shining a spotlight on the environmental challenges our world is facing, with curated spaces and activations that compel us to rethink our consumption patterns and advocate for changes that prioritize environmental well-being.

We'll have more details to come about Art of Change at Elements 2024, including brand new areas, activations and programming in line with our environmental goals while also infusing your experience with lots of fun.

In the meantime, if you're an artist of any medium who prioritizes sustainability in your work, check out our Eco-Conscious Creators Artist Grant!

This grant is dedicated to supporting and promoting environmentally conscious creators, offering both financial support and a platform for their eco-friendly projects to flourish.

In a time where environmental stewardship is paramount, our grant seeks to catalyze positive change through the power of art. Whether through visual mediums, music, literature, or other creative expressions, we aim to empower artists who are driving the conversation on sustainability forward.

If this statement speaks to you, head to the Participate page and fill out your application today!


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