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9B49: Fusing Electronic Subgenres and Pushing Musical Boundaries

In the expansive realm of electronic music, 9B49 emerges as a distinctive artist, seamlessly blending various electronic subgenres to create a signature sound that captivates audiences. His unique approach, rooted in a diverse range of musical influences, has shaped his career and set him apart in the industry. This blog post delves into 9B49's creative journey, standout performances, fan engagement strategies, and future projects through an insightful Q&A session. LISTEN TO 9B49'S ROAD TO ELEMENTS EXCLUSIVE MIX

A Candid Q&A with 9B49

Q: Your style has been described as a unique fusion of various electronic subgenres. How do you blend these different influences to create your signature sound?

A: "It really goes back to the artists that influenced me. I’ve been fortunate enough to have 3 older brothers who have been exposing me to different styles & genres of music since I can remember. Artists like Daft Punk, Dr. Dre, Griz, & even legends such as Herbie Hancock, standout as pioneers in their own lanes who have blended the sounds of their predecessors with the sound of the future, and made it their own. That’s really what I hope to achieve one day."

Q: Throughout your career, you've performed at various notable venues and festivals. Can you share a standout moment or performance that has significantly impacted your journey as an artist?

A: "A few come to mind at different phases of my journey, but one that stands out is definitely Project Glow last year in Washington, DC. For starters, my set time was very early, so I really wasn’t expecting many people to show up…but to then see how many fans, friends, & family showed out early to support; it really meant the world to me. Moments like that give you the confidence to believe in yourself & to keep pushing."

Q: Engagement with your audience, both online and at live shows, is a big part of your appeal. What strategies do you use to maintain and grow your connection with fans?

A: "I think the most critical part of building a relationship with your community, whether online or IRL, is to be your true authentic self. I love getting to know who the artist is behind the music, so I try to provide that as much as possible for my fans. A look behind the scenes on tour, or a glimpse into the production studio has always brought me closer with my followers. I’m also big on being in the crowd before & after my shows. It allows you to get a feel for the atmosphere & vibe, while also creating more opportunities to connect & meet people. One other thing I’ve recently started is an Instagram Broadcast Channel. I refer to this as a poor man’s discord (lol), but it’s allowed me to share even more, in a personal, intimate space - that I’ve really enjoyed thus far!"

Q: As technology continues to evolve, so does the equipment and software available for music production. How have advancements in technology influenced your music production process?

A: "AI has already changed the art of production & it will continue to shape the future of music. Just the ability for AI to separate stems (vocals, drums, etc.) has leveled the playing field for so many artists who otherwise wouldn’t have had access to these samples/acapellas. There are websites out there already that can generate full tracks for you just based off a word prompt. Although this can seem scary, I think it’s a part of the natural evolution of the world, and the artists that are able to incorporate AI into their workflows & create something uniquely their own, will be the ones that go the furthest."

Q: Looking forward, are there any new projects, collaborations, or experimental sounds that you are excited to explore in the upcoming year?

A: "Lots of new music & collaborations on the way! In my head, I’m operating two different personalities within myself. The house music side, and the bass music side. On the house side, I’m looking forward to a few new releases with the homie Nate Chapman. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out our last track on Spotify called ‘Tied Up’. We have two more releases scheduled for this year that I am stoked on. As for the bass side, I’ve been cooking in the lab with my boy Lucas DiLeo. We have a new track coming out called ‘FWM’ that features the mega-talented rapper ‘Dre Wave$’. In the past, I’ve been told to pick one genre & stick to it - but that just ain’t me. Expect to see more new house & bass releases from 9B49 for years to come!"

The Future of 9B49: A Dual Musical Journey

9B49's commitment to authenticity and innovation in his music is evident in his approach to blending genres and engaging with fans. By staying true to his diverse influences and continuously exploring new technological advancements, he is set to push the boundaries of electronic music even further. With exciting projects and collaborations on the horizon, 9B49 is poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene, offering a rich tapestry of sounds that reflect his unique artistic vision.


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