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ÆON MODE: Blanke's Journey into the Cosmos of Drum & Bass

In the realm of electronic music, artists often reinvent themselves to explore new sounds and push the limits of their creativity. Blanke has manifested as ÆON MODE—a project that signifies a profound shift towards drum & bass, driven by cosmic themes and a long-standing passion for the genre that began in his teenage years. This blog post provides a deep dive into ÆON MODE's creative process, aspirations, and its distinct sonic world, presented through an insightful and thorough Q&A session.

Exploring New Realms: An In-depth Q&A with ÆON MODE

Q: ÆON MODE marks a distinct shift towards drum & bass in your musical repertoire. What inspired you to explore this genre in depth, and how does this project differ from your previous work under the Blanke alias?

A: "Drum n Bass has always been part of my personal musical love, since I found Pendulum (an Aussie DnB band) back when I was a young teen. I knew one day I would delve into the genre myself (I tried early on in my production journey but failed miserably!). Over the past 4-5 years I’ve been diving back into the production of the genre and enjoying it immensely. I love the energy and the intricacy. The balance between simplicity and precision. Nothing quite matches it to play live or create. This project has its own aesthetic, its own sound and its own world. While the Blanke world lives primarily on ‘earth’, ÆON:MODE lives in space. The play on the two and connecting them has been a fun creative expression."

Q: Your performances and tracks under ÆON MODE are known for their high energy and immersive quality. Can you discuss the creative process behind crafting a track or set that encapsulates the ÆON MODE experience?

A: "As I’ve mentioned above, ÆON:MODE takes its inspiration from space, the stars, the concept of immense time and spanning across the galaxy. To have such a specific and dialed in world for this project makes it easier to conceptualize and create for it. I can kind of imagine myself traveling at light speed through space and try to create the perfect soundtrack for that. Discovering new worlds and seeing things no one on earth has seen. It’s fun to imagine myself in these environments and create the music that I feel would accompany it."

Q: The drum & bass scene is rich with history and evolution. How do you see ÆON MODE contributing to the genre, and what aspects of drum & bass are you most excited to explore and push forward?

A: "I see ÆON:MODE as the bridge for drum n bass to enter the US. I come from Australia where DnB has always been alive and thriving. I want to be able to close the gap between Aus/UK/Europe, and the US who, for the most part, hasn't been exposed to a lot of the genre in recent years. I think there's huge potential for the genre here, and I’ve been touring as a Dubstep artist for a few years now so I have a decent grasp on what the US crowds like to hear and what their vibe is, and how i can implement and introduce drum n bass in a way that's accessible to them. It seems to be working well as the crowds are much more open to DnB now, even just in the past 12 months I’ve seen a change. It’s really exciting."

Q: Collaboration can often lead to groundbreaking music within the electronic scene. Are there any artists within the drum & bass or broader electronic music community you're keen to collaborate with as ÆON MODE?

A: "I think for my project, collaboration with really notable artists from the UK and Aus is going to be the most exciting part about this. Literally bridging the gap that way will expose the US crowds to the biggest names in the genre. Artists like Sub Focus, Dimension, Wilkinson, Pendulum and so many others."

Q: With the inception of ÆON MODE, you've embarked on a journey to redefine your sound and challenge genre boundaries. Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for this project, and how do you plan to continue evolving within the drum & bass landscape?

A: "I plan to continue giving everything I can to music, my projects and this genre. The genre is evolving quickly as we all experiment with new sounds and techniques. Pushing my own boundaries as well as with my peers inside this space, I think we can bring so much of this genre to the states and create an ecosystem that is flourishing and introduce something amazing to the fans here. It's a really exciting time and we are literally watching the explosion of the genre happen around the world but also in our own backyards."

A Celestial Voyage in Sound

ÆON MODE represents more than just a bold new direction for Blanke; it signifies a dynamic expansion of the drum & bass genre into previously uncharted territories. This project encapsulates a journey that ventures deep into the cosmic edges of sound, incorporating elements that push beyond the traditional confines of the genre. As ÆON MODE continues to delve into these novel soundscapes, it brings a fresh, exhilarating experience to listeners and injects new life into the electronic music community.


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