Elements is all about our community. Our attendees participate and contribute. They’re the connective tissue that bring the other elements to life

We encourage community members to express themselves through interactive art installations and by bringing the heat with their own stage takeovers

We listen to our community’s feedback. The community inspires the direction of our festival experience

#InMyElements is our community’s hashtag



Elements embraces a symbiotic relationship between our festival & nature.

We strive to be a sustainable and leave-no-trace-behind festival.

We empower visual artists and stage builders to integrate their work with the natural landscape on our grounds

We offer healthy and organic food options


Elements is thoughtful, mindful, and kind. We celebrate with an elevated state of mind.

We strive to guarantee a safe and respectful space for each and everyone of our community members to express themselves and grow.

We offer wellness activities, such as yoga and meditation.

We encourage attendees to come with an intention and bring gifts for the community


Elements is for risk-takers, people oozing with passion for life and love. We’re high-energy and love a good sweat.

We guarantee to entertain you, move you with activities and music from dusk ‘til dawn.

We have performers and a stage that are on fire, literally.

We can’t even tell you about the rest ;)


Elements is playful. We dress weird, we’re colorful, and pledge to never really grow up.

We will make you connect with your inner child, have you jump on a floatie on the lake, put on a rainbow tutu and roller-skate away.

We will invite you to play with interactive art and our crazy performers