Elemental Viking Funeral: Burn All You Wish to Leave Behind

That One Time at Elements Lakewood...


Just after sunset Sunday, May 27th we invite you to burn all you wish to leave behind at our Viking Funeral. At 9:00 PM sharp, we'll gather to set unruly baggage ablaze on the lake of Elements Lakewood.


We will provide a variety of stationery for you to jot down anything you long to cast away - your old nose picking habit, names of two-timing ex lovers or past traumas. We'll fill the canoe with our notes and shove it off into the lake. An archer will launch a flaming arrow, burning the canoe and its contents into the lake. 

Shortly after the burn, join a lakeside fire conclave with entrancing performances leading up to the festival's closing ceremony. (Hint hint- it'll be big, bright and LOUD)

Katie LoVaglio