Heart-On Tantra & Conscious Intimacy Workshops


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Rachel Santos is an expert in Taoism and the Classic Tantric Arts. It's her mission to educate the masses on consent communication and to promote a lifestyle that aligns oneself with the universe's underlying principles of yin and yang.  This year, she'll be sharing her knowledge with us through her workshop that she presents at festivals around the world, Tantra TeaTime and Cuddles + Consent Class.

What are the Classic Tantric Arts?

The Tantric Arts are an ancient tradition practiced in many cultures, which aim to enlighten through meditation and to create intimate unions in relationships.  In Western civilizations, the Tantric Arts have shifted focus to emphasize sexual union as one of the ways to reach enlightenment. However, only a small portion of the Tantric Arts use sex to become one with the divine. The Tantric Arts as a whole deal with allowing all feelings to be met with equal acceptance and for each individual to become deeply sensitive to their feelings and the feelings of others. 

Why practice the Classic Tantric Arts?

You are likely already aware of conversations around consent in the festival community and our world as a whole coming to the forefront. We believe consent and intimacy in all relationships are of the utmost importance and want to create a safe space for every person that enters the gates of Elements Lakewood. We'd like you to leave the festival with a deeper sensitivity to the feelings of those around you. 

Katie LoVaglio