Every Summer Camp Activity at Elements Lakewood 2018


Elements Lakewood, May 25th-27th in Northeast PA is going down on a REAL summer camp.  Thanks to this, we're able to provide much more than the music, arts, and counterculture a BangOn!NYC party typically offers.

When you step onto the Lakewood festival grounds, you're gearing up for a three-day, three-night experience at a fully functional sleep away camp. Read on for more info about all the summer camp games and activities at this year's Elements Lakewood.

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Lake & Pirate Ship

Grab a kayak and paddle up to the Pirate Ship. Meet a real-life mermaid, strip down to your birthday suit and jump in.

 Captain Tickles will be serving up his signature fish tacos and cocktails!

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Rock Climbing

Calling all thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies!


Pool & Hot Tub

Yes, we have a pool and a hot tub.

Bring your own floaty or use one of ours- just don't forget to bring a towel. 


Pickup Games

Our festival grounds come complete with grassy fields, a hockey rink, a human foosball field, basketball courts, and volleyball courts. 

Expect spontaneous pickup games (with an unexpected twist) happening throughout the festival grounds all weekend. 

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Pictured is our resident funtender, Rawb. He'll break the ice on Friday by introducing you to your fellow campers at the Name Tag Factory and guide you as you Get Out of Your Element. 

Join in on Elemental Color Wars, play Find the Missing Vinyl in the BabySlut Toxic Wasteland and showcase your skills in Flow Arts talent shows. 

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Roller Disco

The Roller Disco is the perfect excuse to throw on a pair of outrageous bellbottoms and unleash your inner disco queen.

All skill levels welcome!  


Katie LoVaglio