Moon Altar

Art of Creation

Moon altar mock up.jpg

Nestled deep in the forest near the Alchemy Stage at Elements Lakewood you will find The Moon Altar.  Meant to connect participants to nature's lunar energy - creators; Eric Coolidge & Hannah MacDonald of Eagle Rock Steel say they "intend to create a sculpture that pays homage to the lunar traditions of the ancients and creates a space for people to realize their own connection to the force of the moon."

(FUN FACT: Eagle Rock Steel also built the Atlantis Art Car, Lotus Art Car and many of the climbable structures at BangOn!NYC and Elements)

Throughout history the moon has been worshiped by many different civilizations and cultures, symbolizing the divine feminine, the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle, immortality and eternity, enlightenment or the dark side of Nature herself.

The base of the altar is a wide steel pyramid structure. The pyramids is adorned with patterned CNC plasma cut panels, inspired by Norse mythical markings, nature, and modern scientific drawings. Protruding from each face of the pyramid are four “Moon Wells”, ornate metal bowls filled with water, the alchemical element most connected to the moon.

Three concentric steel rings sit on top of the pyramid. Each ring can be spun independently by the participant similar to a gyroscope. At the center of this spinning orb, an illuminated metal crystal is suspended, representing the power of the moon in the night.

Four torches at each corner of the pyramid base will create a sacred space around the altar and guide guests to it in the dark. Additional perimeter lights will ensure the safety of guest around the piece.


Daniel Leinweber