Merman + Shrimp Sculptures

Art of Creation 

Swig's Sculpture

Combining his artistry with an evolving curiosity towards the beings that we see as ominous in the sea, Swig Miller is creating some extra special sculptures for Elements Lakewood. While you're swimming, you'll encounter the Shrimp sculpture at the Water Stage! And you'll find yourself dancing among the Merman Sculpture at the Earth Stage...

Swig is a self taught artist, drawing inspiration from being awake in this wonderful world in which we live. He believes that being open is the key, and by saying 'yes' to opportunities with an open heart the world will continue to blossom, becoming more and more wondrous. Starting his art adventures in the medium of leather, masks and headdresses, he has recently dove into installation pieces which have been featured in movies, fashion shows, and other festivals around the nation. 



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