Enter The Immersive Igloo

One Time at Lakewood

Immersive Igloo

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Finding yourself talking with new friends in plush meditative lounges, joining in parades of animated performance artists and stumbling upon interactive installations deep in the forest is where the most meaningful memories are usually made. We encourage you to enter Avant Muse's Immersive Igloo for a unique audio-visual experience.

The Immersive Igloo is an interactive play space that provides a one of a kind audio-visual experience. Enter the Igloo and embark on a 3D spatial journey through sound. This experience is meant for meditating and healing.

Why try sound bathing?


Sound bathing soothes overstimulated nervous systems and aligns our physical body and our energetic body-  a term used to describe where our life force exists. Sound bathing has been used to help heal depression, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and to deepen our capacity for meditation and creativity.  

What to expect?

  1.  First, you will lay on the floor in supported savasana (corpse pose) to begin your meditative listening exercise. 
  2. Bringing a matt or a blanket into the Igloo is helpful to create an extra snug space.
  3. You might feel like laughing. Or crying! Sound baths help us let go of emotions we've held onto unconsciously so allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Experiencing a bout of uncontrollable giggles is also common. 
  4. Ease back into the noise of the festival slowly. Take ten minutes to adjust after exiting the Igloo and reflect on your experience. 
Katie LoVaglio