Friendship Camping at Elements Lakewood

19023506_10154742800113129_6516595549021269417_o (1).jpg

This year at Elements Lakewood we’re introducing Friendship Camping! Friendship camping allows you to enter the festival grounds a day early, claim a space big enough for your entire crew and to use the extra time to customize your home at Lakewood for the weekend with your friends. Friendship camping also features electricity at your campsite- so let your imagination run wild when building your unique set up.

Guaranteed placement next to your friends means customizing your camp with creative themes. Build interactive experiences for other campers, or create an extra extravagant private space to crash when the sun is up and you need a few hours nap.  

The community fostered is the most meaningful part of a festival experience. There’s nothing like setting up a group home for the weekend- a common meeting place, spacious enough for your entire crew. This is the ideal way to Elements Lakewood for large groups! We have a very limited space for friendship camping and expect it to fill up quickly, so act fast.

Katie LoVaglio