Air Stage Design By Ilya Barannikov

ilia stage 4 (1).jpg


Presenting the spellbinding design for this year's Air Stage at Elements Lakewood by visual artist, stage, and furniture designer Ilya Barannikov. The stage is equally as enchanting as the music and moments that will soon surround it... Imagine yourself deep in the forest of Elements Lakewood, following the pulsating sound of the music and stumbling upon this massive structure. You begin studying all its intricacies. And all the while it's looking back at you. 

Before Elements Lakewood, we sat down to speak to the artist on his inspirations. "I was very excited to be asked to design the Air Stage at Elements Lakewood, the venue, production and crowd are all top notch, so I wanted to do something really magical. Since the location is set amongst the trees in a very natural environment I wanted to create something with a lot of organic lines and textures, giving the impression that the musical artists are performing from this living, conscious thing. I try to push the stage designs I do past simply being decoration, and hopefully engage the people who interact with it, to create a dynamic visual accompaniment for the amazing music that is so important to all of us" Barannikov. 

We encourage you to get to know the artist prior to the festival by checking out more of his inspiring work. You never know- you very well may have already danced at once of his stages!   



Katie LoVaglio